To Thailand!

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April 22nd, 2011 >> Thailand

It’s currently 3:44am in Australia and of course I am still awake. This always happens to me on the eve of a big trip. I am excited in the days/weeks leading up to it and then the night before, when the reality of it finally sets it I get anxious. I get nervous about packing and traveling and my first impulse is to not want to go. I have fought through this so many times I have learned to laugh at it, but this parade of emotion still charges through my brain before every trip without fail. So here I am, packed, ready to go, unable to sleep and the cab is coming to take the group of six of us to the airport in 3 hours. At this point sleep would really be more like a nap, or for me a cat nap since naps are only naps in proportion to the number of hours you sleep, and when you sleep 12 hours on average a four hour nap is reasonable.

Anyway, in a few hours I will be headed to the airport to fly to Thailand,  a nation plentiful in mangoes, monkeys, and elephants but low on internet access. Therefore, I will not be returning to my blog until May 2nd, try not to miss me! I promise to return with tales of fantastic adventures and pictures of elephants with long winded explanations to accompany them. This year I will celebrate easter by trekking through a Thai jungle and riding an elephant up a mountain, so I promise to bring back stories of the most unconventional easter celebration ever. Jesus rode a donkey and I will ride an elephant.

My Easter chariot awaits

Thanks for reading, see you in 10 days!

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