Twas The Night Before Studying Abroad…

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February 18th, 2011 >> Australia, My Brain

It’s 4:13 am as I begin writing this post, which is to be the first of many to come. I have just finished a three hour second attempt at packing for this trip. I am sure there will be all sorts of re-shuffling and re-allocating tomorrow once I get my luggage on a scale and find out that I packed about 80 pounds too much.

My mother, well intentioned as she is, purchased me a duffel style bag that is properly sized for stashing bodies in for my trip, and in my late night fervor I have filled it completely. On top of another very large piece of luggage. Tragically airlines care not for the size of your checked luggage but rather for the weight. For this journey I am allowed 2 checked items, each weighing 50 lbs and one carry on.

I would put so much money on the fact that I am easily 40 pounds over that limit currently. Damn my female propensity to over pack. Damn it to hell.

It has been an odd thing all week to know this day was coming. Ever since I got out of school in early Dec I have been waiting for this trip. Talking about it, planning, packing, and waiting for it. All the days I spent sitting in my house rising at the crack of 3pm and splitting my time between the internet and the television I longed for the start of my south pacific adventure. When the snow began falling I day dreamed about a southern hemisphere summer filled with flip flops and bathing suits. And now, I find myself on the eve of this dream, which is about to come true and I am feeling a myriad of emotions.







It’s been a roller coaster of emotions all week, but today has been especially loopy. My flight leaves tomorrow at 6:15 pm from Dulles and I should be flying into LA around 9pm their time. Then its the long haul across the pacific ocean till 8am sunday sydney time. I think getting there, which is theoretically half the fun, might not be any fun this particular time.

Well its now 4:44 am and even though I am still fairly wired I think I am going to attempt sleep. For tomorrow (later today) is sure to be a flurry of packing, re packing, tears (from my mother) goodbyes, and last minute errands. Hopefully the flights go off without a hitch, heres to hoping. By the time I post next I will be the farthest away from home I could possibly ever get without going to Antarctica or the moon. That is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying.

It’s 8:42 pm in Sydney right now. So the way I look at it, I’m going to bed early.

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5 Responses to “Twas The Night Before Studying Abroad…”

haha yOUR EMOTIONS! omg i am so anxious for you!!!! I’m all nervous what the heck!

Buena suerte, chica! Say “allow!” or at least “crikey!” to those down under for me. I will check back frequently during your journey. PS: Australia is nothing like Outback Steakhouse. But I think you knew that already?

Your pictures rule. You shall be missed. Blah blah blah sentiments. Have fun!!!

You are a very blessed young lady. Do us proud and put all your GS travel experience into good use. Make those wise decisions which keep you safe and prepared. Never leave without checking for the all important “key”. Make new friends but keep the old; it’s always more enjoyable when shared with a buddy. When it isn’t fun anymore (camping in freezing temps or thunder showers that could float the Ark) pack up and head for your own warm bed. Most importantly stand up for yourself; it just might get you a gelato in the airport 🙂 Love ya darling. I’m keeping you in my prayers.

I was relieved to hear that you arrived safely even though your luggage didn’t!! How is the view from the 73rd floor? Take lots of pictures and have a blast. Bryant and I are very proud of you!